Cloud Native Inc. Presents 2020 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (2020JN) will be on Oct. 24-25.

We originally planned to have 2020JN in late June, but due to the COVID-19 situation, we had to postpone the contest to the fall.

  • New date: October 24-25, 2020
  • New Place: Iwakura, Aichi Prefecture
Unfortunately, we cannot have our International Open Freestyle this year since Japan is very strict about letting non-citizens into the country right now.
Also, due to the event facility restrictions, we may not be able to have any audience at this contest either. Please enjoy this year’s JN with our live stream.
We will let you know more details later.
We hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying yo-yoing!

– JYYF Team

Contest Info

2020JN – 2020.10.24-25
  • Contest Name: Cloud Native Inc. Presents 2020 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (2020JN)
  • Date: October 24-25, 2020
  • Place: Iwakura, Aichi (Iwakura Sogo Taiiku Bunka Center)

Live Stream

YouTube LIVE and NicoNico Live (Planned)

Contest Divisions

  • 1A Division
  • 2A Division
  • 3A Division
  • 4A Division
  • 5A Division
  • Compulsory Trick: Advanced Division
  • Over-40 Freestyle
  • Women’s Freestyle
  • Art & Performance Division
  • International Open Freestyle (Canceled)

Contest Structure

  • JYYF runs five Regionals and one National Contest in 2020.
  • Contestant can compete in ONLY one Regional, but wherever they want (per division).
  • The top 10 of Regionals within a certain score, the finalists of 2019JN and top 5 of 2018JN can compete in the 2020JN Semi-Final. There will be a WildCard Round for everyone else to compete.
  • The five regional champions and last year’s champion and Junior champion of each division will be seeded to the 2020JN Final round. (If the regional champion is last year’s National or Junior Champion, the seed goes to the player in 2nd place.)
Seeded Players
Kohei Nishimura Akira Kato Kento Itai Ryo Oishi Yuki Sakamoto
WJ Masahiro Terada Arata Imai Sora Tahira Yuki Uchida Hiroyasu Ishihara
CJ Yuta Kashiwaya Yamato Fujiwara Minato Furuta Shinya Muraki Naoya Takeuchi
SJ Ayumu Harada Ryo Yamashita Tomoya Kurita Koyo Hashimoto Naoki Uemae
EJ Ryota Ogi Hajime Sakauchi Yuto Yamaguchi Kaoru Nakamura Hideo Ishida
NJ Shion Araya Kenta Kawaharada Taiichiro Higashi Tsubasa Onishi Yoshihiro Abe
2019JN Hirotaka Akiba Takuma Yamamoto Mizuki Takimoto Rei Iwakura Shigehiro Yamada


Freestyle Rules (Summary)

  • Final: 3 minute freestyle
  • Semi-Final: 90 second freestyle
  • Wild-Card: 30 second freestyle
  • Music stops between 3:00 to 3:01
  • No yo-yoing on stage before the music starts. No throw-downs, no adjustments. No starts with sleeping or mounting position allowed.
  • Catch yo-yo(s) immediately after the music ends. If the player cannot catch, deductions happen until the player leaves the stage.
  • No getting off the stage during the performance, even for getting yo-yos the player lost from the stage. If the player steps off from the stage, the performance ends there.
  • No sitting on the edge of the stage. No standing on the edge. Can be DQed.
  • No props allowed. Only yo-yos, strings, counter-weights, gloves, and tray (contest provided).
  • No bags, yo-yo cases, clothes, jackets, tables on the stage. For the purpose of supervising one’s belongings, a bag, wallet, or cell phone will be allowed to be placed at the far edge of the stage.

Freestyle Scoring

Same as IYYF rules (WYYC2019)


JYYF Supports Flights for Winners

Since 2012, JYYF has been supporting all five JN winners’ travel fees to WYYC. In 2017, there was an important change pertaining to sponsorship and yo-yos used by players. Since we are able to provide this benefit thanks to the generous support of all of our sponsors, JYYF has decided to support flights only for champions who use yo-yos from JN sponsors (and will also use yo-yos from JN sponsors at WYYC). If the champion is not qualified, the runner-up will receive the benefit. If the runner-up is not qualified, the contestant in third place will receive it. 4th place or lower do not qualify. We made this change in hopes that it will help to promote sponsors who support our activities regularly.

About The Organization: JYYF

  • Name: Japan Yo-Yo Federation (JYYF)
  • Legal Entity: General Incorporated Association (Since 2010)
  • Representative Board Director: Hironori Mii
  • Holding National Contest: Since 1999

If you are considering a visit to JN, please contact us at info (at) jyyf.org
*Due to the global pandemic situation and resulting strict current visa restrictions for entering Japan as a non-resident/citizen, as well as event facility restrictions, we request that non-resident/citizens not already in Japan please enjoy this year’s JN with our live stream.

  • Rei Iwakura (Head Judge)
  • Hironori Mii
  • Kazuki Okada
  • Naoto Okada
  • Shuhei Kanai
  • Atsushi Yamada
  • Takuma Yamamoto
  • Yasushi Furukawa
  • Kunihisa Kawabe
  • Taiichiro Higashi
  • Yasuki Tachibana
  • Shinya Kido
  • Naoya Takeuchi
  • Takao Morioka
  • Yusuke Otsuka
  • Hiroyasu Ishihara
  • Hiroaki Yoshii
  • Yohei Kagawa
  • Ryosuke Ito
  • Shinya Muraki
  • Masahiro Terada


(Last Update: 2020.9.25)